14.05.The Gigolo  Band
15.05.Mamurni ljudi
16.05.Nikola Grbić Grba
17.05.Cat People
20.05.D I M

17.05. Cat People

    One of the best national rock ‘n’ roll club bands. They perform national and foreign mainstream rock and pop-rock in an energetic and sophisticated way. Band members: Jelena Luković Ristić – vocalist (ex Koktel Bend) Vladan Vučković Paja – bass guitar and vocalist (Zdravka Čolić and Piloti band’s guitarist ) Zoran Veljković Kiza plays multiple instruments and his main instrument…

    16.05. Grba

      ~Nikola Grbić Grba & Tinitus band ~ Start your week in your #Tramvaj with your friends, great beer, excellent food and of course, unforgettable atmosphere. :-) See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

      15.05. Mamurni ljudi

        - acoustic pop - rock. With pleasant tones and three exceptional vocalists, as well as the modern programme, this band tends to be No. 1 acoustic, club band in Serbia. See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

        14.05. The Gigolo band

          Don’t miss tonight’s gig in Tramvaj! Your well-known band The Gigolo will create heated atmosphere with incredible hit songs! See you at 8 PM!

          05.05. Pot

            Pot group is comprised of experienced musicians that prefer national ex Yu rock. The group is comprised of: Dimitrije Mizić – Miza, band’s frontman, solo guitarist i and a vocalist Dušan Petrović – Žika, rhythm guitarist Mladen Bjelić, drummer Nebojša Vasiljević – Nelly, bass guitarist and an accompanying vocalist

            04.05. Eastock

              National rock in a modern way, followed by a strong triphthong! With characteristically interpreted covers, this is a high-quality authentic band from Užice! See you! Info&reservation: 065 87 26 825

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