18.09.Nikola Grbić Grba & Tinitus band
19.09.Mamurni ljudi
20.09.Calypso Acoustic
21.09.Che Bend

19.09. Mamurni ljudi

    - acoustic pop - rock. With pleasant tones and three exceptional vocalists, as well as the modern programme, this band tends to be No. 1 acoustic, club band in Serbia. See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

    18.09. Grba

      ~Nikola Grbić Grba & Tinitus band ~ Start your week in your #Tramvaj with your friends, great beer, excellent food and of course, unforgettable atmosphere. :-) See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

      09.09. Rok Lavirint

        If one can say that someone is a true rock fan, than for sure they can say that for each individual member of this band. The bassist Rade Marić (ex Divlji Anđeli, Divlji Kesten, Kraljevski Apartman...) gathered the band. The guitarist is Neša Minić (Kerber) and Nenad Vuković Nefa (Kraljevski Apartman) plays drums. The band’s vocalist is super-talented Dušan Tesla...

        21.07. The Gigolo band

          Don’t miss tonight’s gig in Tramvaj! Your well-known band The Gigolo will create heated atmosphere with incredible hit songs! See you at 8 PM!

          01.07. Pot

            Pot group is comprised of experienced musicians that prefer national ex Yu rock. The group is comprised of: Dimitrije Mizić – Miza, band’s frontman, solo guitarist i and a vocalist Dušan Petrović – Žika, rhythm guitarist Mladen Bjelić, drummer Nebojša Vasiljević – Nelly, bass guitarist and an accompanying vocalist

            28.05. Hedonia

              The perfect composition of instruments, interesting interpretation of music hits, incredible energy of young musicians and DJs accompanied by Hedonia band, because our Sunday deserves it! See you at 08 PM! Info & reservation: 065 872 68 25  

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