12.12. Bajke za devojcice (Acoustic band)
13.12. Bre (Band)
14.12. Heartbeats(Band)
15.12. Rok lavirint (Band)
16.12. Gluva soba(Band)
17.12. Duo trio quattro (Acoustic Band)
18.12. Mamurni ljudi (Acoustic band)

20.11. Mamurni ljudi

    - acoustic pop - rock. With pleasant tones and three exceptional vocalists, as well as the modern programme, this band tends to be No. 1 acoustic, club band in Serbia. See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

    17.11. Rok Lavirint

      If one can say that someone is a true rock fan, than for sure they can say that for each individual member of this band. The bassist Rade Marić (ex Divlji Anđeli, Divlji Kesten, Kraljevski Apartman...) gathered the band. The guitarist is Neša Minić (Kerber) and Nenad Vuković Nefa (Kraljevski Apartman) plays drums. The band’s vocalist is super-talented Dušan Tesla...

      16.11. That 80s show

        They belong to the very top of theme bands in this area. They perform ex-Yu new wave and rock hits from the 80s. Boundless playing energy is one of the reasons why they play in cities throughout former Yugoslavia. The band is composed of (experienced musicians from evergreen bands from Kragujevac) Cvetko, the drummer from the original setting of Osvajači),…

        10.11. Pot

          Pot group is comprised of experienced musicians that prefer national ex Yu rock. The group is comprised of: Dimitrije Mizić – Miza, band’s frontman, solo guitarist i and a vocalist Dušan Petrović – Žika, rhythm guitarist Mladen Bjelić, drummer Nebojša Vasiljević – Nelly, bass guitarist and an accompanying vocalist info&reservations: 065 87 26 825

          21.07. Cat People

            One of the best national rock ‘n’ roll club bands. They perform national and foreign mainstream rock and pop-rock in an energetic and sophisticated way. Band members: Jelena Luković Ristić – vocalist (ex Koktel Bend) Vladan Vučković Paja – bass guitar and vocalist (Zdravka Čolić and Piloti band’s guitarist ) Zoran Veljković Kiza plays multiple instruments and his main instrument…

            11.07. Grba

              ~Nikola Grbić Grba & Tinitus band ~ Start your week in your #Tramvaj with your friends, great beer, excellent food and of course, unforgettable atmosphere. :-) See you! info&reservations: 065 87 26 825
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